View Full Version : Database info display quirks

06 Oct 03, 11:28
I've noted some issues with general display of database information in the game:

1. Add colons to the list of characters that can screw things up and should not be used in weapon or vehicle names. I replaced the commas (which were messing up the pK export) in the weapons with colons. Well, it turns out colons break the online help; a weapons link with a colon in the name won't navigate. I've replaced my colons with semicolons, but it remains a trap for the unwary.

2. The "Unit Information" dialog weapons list is really narrow; it cuts off almost any weapon name string after just 9 or 10 characters. This is a particular problem with my database, since my names are somewhat verbose in the interest of consistent alphabetization, but it's also a problem with database1. It can be difficult to tell which weapon is which.

3. Although the "fire mission log" has improved since v1.01, certain fire mission descriptions still get cut off, and others still get misaligned.

4. It would be nice to have the online help vehicle specs list weapons and vehicles in alphabetical instead of "natural" order. Same with the "kill list" and other inline tables/lists. Natural might be acceptable with database1, but when you have a database like mine with over 100 IF ammo types, 150 weapons and 200 vehicles, it becomes very difficult to find anything.

--- Kevin