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01 Oct 03, 01:24
Hello everyone. I am glad to be a part of the team! Once we get up and running we will begin to update the ATF/BCT section pages.
While this may not be an overnight transformation, Scully and I will do our best to deliver QUALITY content that lives up to the high Warfare HQ standard. :D

The over all plan of attack is to develop and solicit materials for all levels of players. We plan to include articles and resources for developers and beginners alike and also related pieces of interest.

We have tossed around alot of ideas, and now we want to hear form you! We want this forum and the ATF/BCT section to be all it can be, and that will depend a great deal on your feedback.

We will be posting a poll shortly to inquire what kind of content people would like to see in the section. While we can't promise to implement everything, we are certainly open to your ideas. What would you like to see and what will keep you coming back. We want to keep the dedicated players interested, and we want to share our passion for ATF/BCT with the people who have yet to experience it.

I hope you will be patient with us as we learn the ropes; this is something new for both of us. In the early stages our presence will mostly be felt on the forums until we can update the section pages. We will be monitoring this regularly and you may certainly email us your thoughts. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Best regards,

01 Oct 03, 17:01
I believe mods can pump new life into a game. It is on that note that I would like to reaffirm the ongoing effort to improve ATF using the Power Tools Kit.

Immediate Projects

1. Raid: The scenario will involve attacking an enemy foward ammo dump with rocket artillery. Scenario will include the M270 MLRS and M985 HEMTT w. M989A1 HEMAT.

2. Vehicle Pieces: After alot of searching, I've been able to compile enough "top-down" views to develop a large piece database. A long term hope is to have hundreds of vehicle pieces, using kbluck's database as a base.

Immediate Future Projects

1. Battle of Mosul: After poor results from beta testing, I've decided to redevelop the scenario. It will now include a reworked database, with new vehicles.

2. BCT Scenario Conversion: I am researching how to convert BCT maps to ATF, and will port over the scenarios as well.

Long Term Projects

I have alot of ideals that I intend to make reality.

So just because there are few scenarios doesn't mean no work is ongoing. Behind the lines, new scenarios, pieces, and enhancements are being incorporated to keep the community going for a very long time.

Pat Proctor
01 Oct 03, 22:38
If you guys can give me a link (via e-mail to pproctor@prosimco.com), I will upload about 6 MB (zipped) of .XDM files, which will allow everyone to make new maps.

Also, if I might make a suggestion, there is a lot of content floating around, in these forums and on what's left of the Shrapnel Forum (mostly the ladder). Uploading these to a consolidated archive, where people don't have to dig through the Forum to find them, would be a big value added.

And, of course, once I get the ProSIM page back to fully mission capable, I will link directly to your site page.

What is the direct URL?

01 Oct 03, 23:37

You should be able to upload the maps directly from the WarfareHQ home page/Downloads/maps. I have emailed you instructions how to do this let me know if you have any problems.

Since the Military Simulations page is going under construction shortly I am not sure if the URL will remain exactly the same. I will let you know as soon as I do!

Thank you for donating the maps, the ATF community appreciates it!

02 Oct 03, 11:32
Where's a good place to stick my database?

:stop: (No smart remarks, please...)

--- Kevin

02 Oct 03, 11:58
:D Kbluck,

Mods, Databases, and most items that are not Scenarios can be uploaded directly from the Warfare HQ home page/downloads/misc./BCT ATF Stuff.

You will have to activate a seperate "account" just like you did with the forum if you have not already done so. The forum accounts are seperate. Once you are in the right place hit start new thread button and it works just like a forum post. The Hyperlink "Manage My Attachments" will allow you to attach a zip file. Be sure to read the guidelines on uploading new material that Don put out. This is located in the same section! Let me know if you have questions or problems.

Let me also say thanks to ALL of you who contribute! You all do great work and do alot to keep the game moving forward. We appreciate your efforts!!! :banana:

03 Oct 03, 10:17
Also, if I might make a suggestion, there is a lot of content floating around, in these forums and on what's left of the Shrapnel Forum (mostly the ladder). Uploading these to a consolidated archive, where people don't have to dig through the Forum to find them, would be a big value added.

This is something I'm working on doing as we speak. In order to do this, I'd like consent from all you post authors out there to copy your material (and sometimes edit a little for grammar or content relevance) and post it on the site. I will, of course, leave your name as the contributor, so you will continue to receive recognition for your genius :)

If you could either respond to this post or send me an email directly with your ok (or any questions or concerns) to scully@warfarehq.com, I'd appreciate it.

Just to make sure this all makes sense, my goal is to go through the many discussions you all have had on the forum and turn them into documents that can be viewed via an archive. For example, I'm turning the discussion on Books/Reading materials into a reading list. A number of you posted to that discussion and I'd like to use your recommendations in the document I'm creating.