View Full Version : lookin for a couple opp's

lezgo killemall
22 Jan 06, 09:38
would like to get some 20-40 turn games going to help break up my campaign games. looking at sicily and moscow for to long give me a headache, or maybe thats just the arty rolling down on my men:cheeky: . can get in a couple turns a week, maybe more depending on sched.

would like to get one from each:

korea 85
tobruck 41
moscow 41

would like to use the rules that are used in the tourneys.

also more then willing to work w/ someone else w/ some games they would like to play. as of now have all pzc games EXCEPT FOR france, normandy, and korsun. dont have any other mc games.

22 Jan 06, 12:07
Hey Ed- would be interested in Tobruk '41 - any size is fine, any side is fine too -- pm me - I'll get you my PBEM addr.

lezgo killemall
22 Jan 06, 13:15
tobruk taken

22 Jan 06, 16:06
I'll take Korea if you don't mind a third game against me. :)

lezgo killemall
22 Jan 06, 16:43
not at all mini, but you sure you wouldnt rather take the moscow game:cheeky: .

you know the MC's best so you pick out what we should play and sides/rules. lookin forward to my 1st MC pbem. :smoke:

lezgo killemall
22 Jan 06, 16:48
ok, i got the 2 that i wanted most out of the way.

thanks for the replies guys.

22 Jan 06, 16:55
I have 3 Moscow games going including one that's got a little heft to it. :D Korea is one of mine that doesn't get much play. I'll email you with the scenario title, sides, etc.

This one will likely have chemical weapons. Nasty stuff.