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08 Jan 06, 20:33
The crackhead needs a fix... :halo: Hunting season is over, so I have a little more time on my hands for PzC. :)

I am looking for 3 PBEMs each of medium size. I would say in the 20 - 30 turn range, though if the unit density is low, more turns are ok.

I would like 1 each from the following titles:


Normandy '44 (I love The Bridghead Battle, even though it's been done in the last tourney.)

Fulda Gap '85

As everybody here knows, I'm pretty easy. I'll take either side. As for optional rules, I prefer default plus recon spotting, night fatigue, and arty setup (except Fulda on this one). Those are negotiable of course.

If one guy wants to step up and take all 3, cool. If it's 3 different players, that's cool too. Just lookin' to increase the fun factor - win, lose, or draw, I just love to play!

Send me a PM if interested, or if you have my email, get me there.

08 Jan 06, 20:34

I'm game for ME67.

08 Jan 06, 20:39
OK Danny. :D

I have Moscow coming, so we're still on for that. Darn media mail is slow though. Game's been 'on the way' for a week. :(

If you have any ME67 scenarios that call out to you, shoot me an email with your picks. I'll look through 'em too.

OK guys, 2 left.....

10 Jan 06, 13:19
OK, Normandy is taken.

Still a spot left for Fulda Gap...

19 Jan 06, 13:26
Fulda taken.