View Full Version : What's the deal with damaged bridges?

28 Dec 05, 17:56

Can someone explain to this unhappy camper if bridges that had their strenght value reduced to 0 can still be repaired?

I'm playing a Campaign Waterloo scenario as the Allied armies and managed to destroy all of the bridges that allow the French to cross over.

Since the manual says (pag. 30) that it is not possible to repair bridges in the game, I have already redeployed to face a flank attack. To my big :scream: surprise, my opponent has repaired one of the bridges and is already poised to attack my unprotected rear...

What am I missing here?

Gary McClellan
28 Dec 05, 19:20
I'm surprised the manual says you cannot repair them. You should email Rich with the details so the manual can be fixed.

The repair of bridges was added back with Wagram. In short, you need one of the Pioneer units, and move it next to the bridge, facing the bridge. If it is in good order, you can then choose (on the unit orders menu) repair bridge, and it will then start repairing the bridge. As a rule, you cannot get it very high, but currently, a strength 1 bridge will carry any traffic, so it's just a matter of defending the bridge.

Sol Invictus
28 Dec 05, 19:25
Bridges certainly are repairable. Just need to move a Pioneer unit next to the bridge and while facing it, select the bridge and then in the command option, order the unit to repair bridge.

You beat me to the punch Gary.

29 Dec 05, 08:23
Well, I took a look at the latest manual version and the phrasing is diferent from the paper copy I printed some patches ago. That's the reference I've been using whenever I have some doubts and never though of printing a new copy... :shock:

But that oversight has definetly cost me a game, because I'm caught with all my forces facing in the wrong direction, plus, I'm too far away to get to the bridge in time to do anything... from what I can see, there are already too many heavy cav units on my side for me to deal with, let alone defeat...

Man, I'm really angry at myself for this!

The good thing about this is the real life-like psychological blow that pulling this kind of move is certain to land on an opponent. If defeat begins as a state of mind, that's what I'm felling right now. Who said that the moral dimension is hard to simulate in wargames? :

Thank God I do most of my crying in the rain, or else my opponent would be able to see the state he has left me in... :cheeky: