View Full Version : Would anyone like to arrange a game?

20 Sep 03, 20:02
Would like to try to arrange a battle. :D

11 Oct 03, 14:17
Sure thing. I own BCT Commander and ATF. Happy to play either. I'm U.K. based so time might be a problem.


11 Oct 03, 15:46
:D...Looking forward to hearing from you.


11 Oct 03, 15:53

When would you like to play, Would you like to use BCT or AFT and do you have a scenario in mind


12 Oct 03, 00:23
Did you get my email? I think there is about a 7 hr time difference. Weekends would be best. I am on Mountain Time. I am open to either game. I have never played multiplay do you know of any scenario that is particularly well balanced?

You can email me directly at norad@warfarehq.com.

Look forward to hooking up.

12 Oct 03, 04:50

Its now 0945, Sunday morning, here in the UK. If you would like to play a game today thats fine with me. We could aim for 0900 your time that should be 1600 my time to start. Like you I have not yet played either game against a live opponent. It should be fun.

Perhaps we should try a small senario to start with so we can get our heads around the mechanics of playing live over the internet.

Which game would you like to use, BCT or ATF?


12 Oct 03, 09:43
lets try this: ATF: NTC1 BULLDOG ESCARPMENT I will be the red force. It is 7:39 right now. Would you like to try for 8 am my time 20 minutes from now?

WarfareHQ has a chat room we could try meeting there to finalize the details at 8. :D

12 Oct 03, 10:06
sure, ready when you are


12 Oct 03, 10:10
I am ready but not sure how to link via multiplay I created a game and am waiting a response...help! Gary Go to the main warfare hq home page and in the upper right hit the chat link I am waiting in the chat room!

12 Oct 03, 11:48
Gary and I just tried playing online. We could not find any internet play servers to connect to so he set up multiplay under LAN across tcpip. we seemed to have connected and when the game got under way my (red) units were pouring fire on his with 0 kills. And his just sat there doing nothing?

So what was that about?

Gary thank you for attempting to play me You get A+ for effort!
As a single player game this game rocks but multiplay was a disappointment.

12 Oct 03, 12:06
What happened to the U.S. units in Bulldog Escarpment. If they moved they died. thats to be expected, being in a valley and attacked from the high ground, but those that stood and fought must have been loaded with blank. Only one enemy unit was killed. Although many others were taking hits even the M1A1's could not score a kill. Even with three battiers of arty firing Dipcm rounds no enemy kills were scored.

12 Oct 03, 12:17
I did not see one blue unit die, I did not get hit with any Arty, and I did not see my unit die??

Maybe you were playing an other dimensional me?:alien:


Black Moria
13 Oct 03, 22:03
I had this exact problem with someone else when playing multiplayer.

The problem: One of you is on a DSL router or similar device.

Long story short - the built-in NAT firewall in the router is blocking some key ports. Without these ports open, ATF cannot properly update the two machines in the game.

Solution 1: If using a Linksys router, put the machine in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone, namely, putting the machine outside the NAT firewall so all ports are available. It also means that that machine is fully exposed to the internet so once you session is done, take the machine out of the DMZ so protect it again. Other routers have something similar to Linksys's DMZ so follow the similar procedure for that router.

Solution 2: Try to find what ports are blocked and then use the port forwarding to open the ports.

Solution 3: Hook the computer in question directly to the DSL or Cable Modem instead of through the router. Less desireable since you will have to make changes to your network environment, and it is a pain in the ass to physically do all the steps to disconnect from the router, make network changes, hook to DSL and get operating, only to reverse all of that to restore your network to its original configuration once the game is done.

For what its worth.

14 Oct 03, 10:34
Thanks for your perspective Black Moria. I am on a modem :cry: no routers on my end...or fast internet for that matter. How about you Gary?

John Osborne
14 Oct 03, 13:22

If you want to try again. I will be free all this weekend. I would like to give it a shot on trying multiplayer. I have done multiplayer with TacOps players before and it worked and I think my computer can handle it. I use Broadband.

Red 6

14 Oct 03, 15:01
I will give it a shot, I have sent you an email indicating my availability. Hope we can work something out... :ar15:

Pat Proctor
16 Oct 03, 00:45
I would look at the router issue. If either of you is behind a router or has a firewall turned on, it can prevent the game from passing vital info. Sorry for the problems.