View Full Version : Column Formations

16 Dec 05, 08:37
I'm surprised to see only one type of column formation (unless there are a couple of different ones and I haven't found them). You think there would be a battlefield column formation. Is there a thread somewhere in the archive section?


Sol Invictus
16 Dec 05, 10:44
I think it is just for the sake of ease. Columns are best for both Movement and Assault, so just imagine that when you are assaulting, your units are assuming an assault column instead of a maneuver column, even though there is no indication of the difference within the game engine. That's what is implied by the rules and that's the way I imagine it. I guess it would be nice to have a separate Assault Column formation, but not absolutely necessary.

16 Dec 05, 10:45
As of now, that's the only formation the engine supports for column.