View Full Version : Attention: We need some support from the ATF/BCT community

Dr Zaius
17 Sep 03, 14:51
Gentlemen, I'm sad to announce that our current Section Leader for the Military Simulation section is stepping down due to real life conflicts. As you have probably seen the Decisive Action and TacOps portions of this section have failed to do anything at all since we started them. Decisive Action just seems to be going nowhere fast - mainly because it gets virtually zero support from HPS or anybody else - despite several attempts on our part to generate interest in it. TacOps does have a small community on the www, but there just doesn't seem to be any desire on the part of the membership to see this section continue at Warfare HQ.

That leaves the BCT/ATF portion, which does have a very small, but dedicated following. Without a dedicated staff member to update the ladder, post AARs, and generally keep interest going around here, this section will wither on the vine. The small number of volunteer staff members we have at Warfare HQ are buried up to their eyeballs with their own sections right now.

The staff are discussing turning the Military Simulation section into a straight ATF/BCT section - which it really is anyway - but we can't really do that without support from the membership. We need at least one dedicated person to step up to the plate as Section Leader, or this section could possibly die a slow death. The person needs to have at least basic webpage/html skills.

Pat Proctor
19 Sep 03, 22:04
I want to help.

With the troubles at the Shrapnel Forum (not of Shrapnel's making-see previous post), this is now the most complete source for ATF and BCT info, at least at the moment.

If someone will take on the challenge of supporting the ATF/BCT ladder here at WarfareHQ, I will contribute a collection of .xdm files. These are the files, in ProSIM's proprietary format, that are GARAUNTEED to work with the Power Toolkit map maker. With these, you will not have to go questing across the internet for often costly DEM data.

If someone is interested in supporting the ATF/BCT ladder and helping Don out, let him know and he will link us up via e-mail. We can then make arrangements to transfer the data.

Dr Zaius
19 Sep 03, 22:11
As most of you already know, there isn't a whole lot of activity on the BCT/ATF ladder anyway. Endgames reports are few and far between, so the main part of being the Section Leader for this section will consist of keeping the section"moving." That means posting an AAR from time to time, moderating the forum, maintaining the HQ page (which needs some work), posting news items on the main news page, etc, etc. This section doesn't take the kind of dedication and time that something like TOAW does, but it does need someone who cares about it to look after it.

23 Sep 03, 16:25
I don't know HTML, but if you really need someone and if you can give me a quick tutorial, I'll give it a shot.