View Full Version : Austerlitz 2005 - pics

Alex Krolikowsk
07 Dec 05, 09:44
Hi All,

A couple of days ago there was a big re-enactment event in Europe – reconstruction of the battle of Austerlitz.
My fellow mate – Piotr Sawiak (Pitrek) was there as a member of Polish re-enactment group and if someone want to see a first-hand pictures here is a link:


Eric Weider
07 Dec 05, 10:15
Thank you for this link to the photos.

I really wanted to go to this but couldn't make the time. So the pictures help.

07 Dec 05, 10:40
Very nice. Thanks for the link.

11 Dec 05, 00:47
Great pictures!

Looks to have been quite the cold day. Would have not wanted to be a person getting shot and having to lay in the snow. :cheeky: