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09 Sep 03, 18:16
Alright, enough screwing around. All this copying and rotating and pasting is getting really old really fast. Never mind the blending issue.

Well, when the going gets tough, the tough start coding. So, I banged out a little utility to take care of the tiling dirty work for ATF pieces. Load your base image, tell it how much to rotate each subsequent tile, and it will take care of the rest. You can even decide to rotate around some point other than the center, although it might clip if you're not careful. Save your file and you're on your way to the piece editor.

Let me know if there's any weirdness --- I spent about 90 minutes on this (Isn't RAD nice?), so its not exactly fully tested. Should fit right in with the rest of the ATF Power Tools. :D


--- Kevin

09 Sep 03, 20:43
We are not worthy of your divine presence! :D

Very nice tool. Made rotating a snap without blending pixels. Also ended all that C&P that would slow my PC after a bit.

Many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Carpenter
12 Sep 03, 18:51
Thanks for this!

I was NOT looking forward to doing it by hand!

Now onto the database editor :D