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05 Sep 03, 12:01
I'm having a little trouble with the pK import facility. (v.1.03)

I import my CSV files with no error, and when I look at the pKs in the Vehicle Edit dialog, all seems well. However, after saving and then reopening, all the imported pKs are gone. Saving the VEH file directly doesn't help.

If I enter the pKs manually, they stick.

If it makes any difference, I have amassed a considerable quantity of weapon entries, around 150.

Speaking of pK export/import, I found a little booby-trap. You can't put commas in your weapon names, or it will screw up the CSV. May I suggest throwing double quotes around the weapon names on export, and of course doubling up any double quotes that might be in the name? Alternatively, you could generate a tab-delimited file, or prohibit the entry of commas in the edit field altogether.


--- Kevin

05 Sep 03, 20:16
I'm having a tough time with v1.03 in all directions. I have to use the CD to obtain files, then repatch to v1.03. And I lost a custom database when all the left and rear pk figures were changed to 3000 and something. I can live with the CD issue, but that database bug can be a real pain. Me lost alot of info. (Now I backup frequently.)

Pat Proctor
06 Sep 03, 11:20
These bugs concern me. I will see if I can replicate the import issue. I don't think I will be able to fix the comma's in names though. A comma separated variable list will not work correctly in all versions of Excel if the comma's are not the delimeters.


WHAT! Why do you keep having to copy files from the CD, and what is happening before all of your pK's become 3 thousand-something?

06 Sep 03, 18:44
When I click on the ATF shortcut or ATF execute the Windows installer starts up. It eventually request I insert the ATF CD. After that, it copies the files it needs, and ATF loads up. I need to repatch to v1.03 because I get a bunch of errors about undefined undefined vehicles, or vehicles missing pk if I don't.

It happens every couple times I try to start the game. It's not too much of a pain now.

As for the database issue, I'm certain it might be linked to one of the occassions when I used an old database or one that wasn't defined. I do recall getting that error, but assumed the editor fixed it automati-cally. It's not a problem anymore.

Attached the files so you can look at.

Pat Proctor
06 Sep 03, 23:28
The ATF Install issue is a known issue. If you move the icon's that the installer installs (i.e. from the program directory to a subdirectory in the program file, or from the desktop to a folder on the desktop) the Microsoft Installer tries to be helpful by breaking the game for you :(

The way to fix this is not to delete icons or, if you move them, leave copies where the installer put them.

This only seems to happen with WindowsXP. We are hoping that Microsoft will fix the problem because, with the tools they give developers, there is not much I can do.

Not an answer I like to give to a paying customer...

07 Sep 03, 13:43
Actually I can't move my Icons on Windows ME either. Just for the record :crosseye:

07 Sep 03, 14:51
I did move my shortcuts from a folder to desktop recently. I won't hold my breath on Microsoft fixing anything. They're all messed up.

I'll just use the original execute icons.

08 Sep 03, 11:39
Speaking of DB maintenance...

I break my weapon and vehicle database files into a bunch of sub-files devoted to a specific topic. For example, modern US small arms or Soviet dismount units, etc. Then, when I want to create a database, I can add the specific stuff I'm interested in using the append functions. You have to watch out for vehicle weapons and sometimes reselect the correct weapon type, but all in all I find it keeps things a lot more organized and maintainable.

It also has the beneficial side effect of maintaining backups.

--- Kevin

08 Sep 03, 12:05
A comma separated variable list will not work correctly in all versions of Excel if the comma's are not the delimeters.

If you want to keep commas as the delimiter, double-quoting the weapon names and doubling any double quotes encountered inside the name would eliminate the problem as well.

For example, a weapon name like:

Missile, AT-5 "Spandrel"

would be exported as:

"Missile, AT-5 ""Spandrel"""

Or, prevent people from entering commas into the field. Or, at least mention in the online help that doing so breaks pK import/export. I'm a fairly high-speed computer guy, and the connection didn't occur to me until I tried it.

--- Kevin

11 Sep 03, 18:56
A little update:

I'm able to get the imported pKs to stick only if I specifically use the Vehicle submenu's "Save As..." and replace the existing file. Using the normal Vehicle "Save" or saving the database won't do it.

--- Kevin

Pat Proctor
12 Sep 03, 12:20
OK. It's a bug. I will get on it!