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Pat Proctor
03 Sep 03, 22:58

You have probably noticed some strange stuff over the past week (or perhaps not). The Shrapnel Forum has shut down. I have been pretty non-responsive on e-mail and forum posts.

The short story is that a competitor or detractor who chose to remain anonymous has launched an attack against me, personally, in my *day job*, in order to hurt ProSIM Company. It seems to be directed at getting me to quit a contract which the unknown assailant would like for himself (but this part is pure speculation).

The bottom line is that it has forced me to take certain defensive measures, including removing some links and pages from the website, and requesting that the forums at Shrapnel be temporarily closed. It has also consumed 100% of my time, motivation, and attention since the whole thing started. Everything should return to normal in a week or two, except that all of the old Shrapnel posts are going to be gone (my decision, don't blame Shrapnel).

I would like to take a minute to thank some people who really came through for me when I need help most.

Tim Brooks and the whole Shrapnel Games clan. They are without a doubt the most principled, decent people in the industry.
Don Maddox and the guys at WarfareHQ. Thank you very much for your rapid help.
Everyone here at ProSIM Company, including our new developers (stay tuned for news on that in a few days ;))
The BCT and ATF fans out there who have been so patient through the past week.

If I have missed or not responded to a question in the past week, please forgive me. I hope to catch up and get back into the swing of things in the next couple weeks. And rest assured that ProSIM Company is going to keep kicking and keep cranking out the wargames!

04 Sep 03, 03:17
Interoffice wars. It's one reason why I can't do all the I would like to. ;)

Hope you win it sir.

04 Sep 03, 08:07
Dear Captain,

Thank you for telling us what's hapenning. I hope you will be able to concentrate on your work very soon.

P.S. You have missed a question/sugestion about AMC, but don't worry. I will bump it in the forum once you have time to answer.


Black Moria
09 Sep 03, 11:07
The ATF and BCT forums are back up at the Shrapnel site.

I assume that means that issues got resolved.

Good to see the those forums back up.