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10 Nov 05, 03:02
Other than repairing bridges, what other use do these units have? They come in various sizes and always accompany artillery units.

10 Nov 05, 07:13
Beyond serving as more cannon fodder I know of no other function for Pioneers.

Gary McClellan
10 Nov 05, 08:51
That's it. They are provided for completeness of OOB. Best suggestion... if you expect you'll ever have bridges to fix, keep em hidden. Otherwise, use em in the gaps if you need em.

10 Nov 05, 09:27
The only "positive" contribution I can recall (apart from the obvious bridging and fortification duties) is Sous-Lieutenant Legros using sappers, and in particular a sappers axe, to breach the "North Gate" at Hougoumont.
The closest the French came to capturing the chateau was their second assault, spearheaded by Colonel Cubieres’ 1st Legere. Although Cubieres was wounded and thrown off his horse just outside the chateau’s great gate, the assault was sustained by sous-lieutenant Legros. Wielding a pioneer’s ax, and though facing a hail of bullets, Legros, nicknamed l’Enforceur, broke open the barrier and forced his way into the courtyard, followed by about 40 other members of the 1st Legere. The garrison managed to reclose the gate behind Legros, thus cutting off French reinforcements, and slew all the assailants except for one young French drummer boy.See:



10 Nov 05, 14:24
A heroic assault with a tragic faith!!

10 Nov 05, 20:57
They *may* have more usses in the future as well. :cool: