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01 Nov 05, 00:45
All right Gentlemen, here are the names I have so far

Atle: aysi$: dannybou: Dean Beecham: Ernie: Gary McClellan: Jim Cobb: Jim Hall: Leftie: Pirimeister: rahamy: RangerBooBoo: Rifleman95th:

If anyone else wants to sign up for the tourney, I need you to go to the WARS tournament section and sign up yourself. I have provided the link below. If for some reason you are unable to sign up there. Let me know in this thread and I will add your name. The cutoff date for sign ups is going to be November 3rd.




01 Nov 05, 07:48
I count 13 names. I'll fill out the tourney if you need one more.

02 Nov 05, 22:45

You need to join the ladder so you can be added to the tournament page! Same process you did for the CWB ladder...let me know if you have any problems.


Jim Cobb
05 Nov 05, 11:17
When we gonna Rock and Roll? My blood is up!!!

05 Nov 05, 18:31
Hey Jim,

My game is already rolling...check the tournament page for your pairing and get the game on the road! :bandit:

Good luck! :D

Jim Cobb
05 Nov 05, 22:11
Thanks. Rig has been down anyway so no loss.

Lucas Kling
08 Nov 05, 07:32
Having a great time with the tournament! Thanks for setting it up!

It says that we should report the games as normal ladder games. When reported, will someone look over the report to determine if it's the tourney, or is it something the players must do?

08 Nov 05, 07:39
Hi Lucas,

When you report the game there will be a box to select whether it's a tournament game or not, which you must select. Then, on the next page there will be a drop down box for you to select the game, which there should be only one selection. When you file your end game report successfully the results will appear in the match up table on the Tournament site, and points will be assigned to each player based on the results.

Let us know if you have any problems.