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29 Aug 03, 11:36
I noticed in the game that Dragon is listed as having a range of 1,500m.

I'm aware of a program for a "Dragon III", also known as "SuperDragon", that was to extend the range from 1,000 to 1,500m. However, by my understanding that program was cancelled in 1989 in favor of the upcoming Javelin and no significant quantities were procured.

Did troops really deploy to Gulf War I in 1991 with 1,500m Dragons?

--- Kevin

Pat Proctor
02 Sep 03, 21:55
I do not know what the "book" effective range is on the currently fielded Dragon (and I certainly do not know what the range was on the Dragon in 1990), but from empirical observation of the effectiveness of the weapon system, mainly its accuracy at range, this is the figure we came up with.

I am certainly willing to entertain anyone elses observations on the weapon system though.

03 Sep 03, 11:06
Well, as in the case of any wire-guided ATGM, it all comes down to a simple question: does Dragon have 1,500 meters of wire on the spool? Everything I've been able to find indicates that it doesn't. I guess the only way to be sure is to collect the wire off the live-fire range and measure it.

--- Kevin