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28 Aug 03, 11:37
Some questions about building new IF ammo types:

1. It appears to me that any given system should have no more than one type of ammo from each category. Is this correct?

2. Does the engine automatically ignore certain types for kill resolution, in particular illum and smoke? In other words, does it matter what I put for burst radius or effectiveness percent for those types? I ask because WP smoke at least has a not insignificant antipersonnel effect.

3. How much trouble would it be for you to add a new ammo category: APICM? Perhaps also incendiary smoke (WP,RP) vs. chemical smoke (HC,AP) ammo types to account for incendiary antipersonnel effects?


--- Kevin

Pat Proctor
28 Aug 03, 12:23
APICM is a complicated issue. If you are asking how hard it would be to add an APICM (or WP, for that matter) that had it's own pK, separate from DPICM, the answer is VERY hard. In fact, adding it would break all previous databases.

I can add APICM (which will use the DPICM pK at the reduced lethality factor that you indicate) or WP (which will use HE at the reduced lethality factor you indicate) fairly easily. The problem is that it will "eat up" a slot for another type of ammo.

You are correct that you can only carry one IF Ammo type for each type of ammo (DPICM, HE, Smoke, etc) in the game. So, if you want a WP smoke that causes HE like damage, I could make that capability. However, this would be the ONLY smoke that that vehicle could carry (for instance, the vehicle could not ALSO carry HC smoke).

This is an abstraction, but a neccessary one, based on how the indirect fire interface is built (fire order picks an ammo type, and then the player can plan missions for ANY caliber of IF unit that carries this type of ammo).