View Full Version : horse and musket 2 or Campaigns on the Danube

24 Oct 05, 17:02
Which game do you all think wins out as far as ease of play and fun factor?

The Campaigns on the Danube game published by Matrix games or Horse and Musket 2 (new title went gold!) by Shrapnel?

Gary McClellan
24 Oct 05, 21:06
Um, they are entirely, entirely different critters. I'd consider Campaigns a bit more fun (I've only played the older ADANAC versions). However, Campaigns are operational and based around logistics and issuing orders.

I've not been able to really get "into" H&M

Jim Cobb
25 Oct 05, 07:53
Gary's right, apples and oranges - not to mention different periods. It depends on the mood I'm in. I like them both.

25 Oct 05, 08:34
Do you guys think it's resonable to expect the H&M series will follow through to the Napoleonic era? I've heard good things about this game system, but I've looked into H&M 1 and couldn't adjust to 18th century warfare...

Jim Cobb
25 Oct 05, 11:03
I think it's in the worls but Erickson takes his time.