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26 Aug 03, 22:58
Please help the computer challenged guy open the Power Toolkit Database so I can view what's in it. I go to the database pulldown menu and click on open, I get the database1 like I'm supposed to, then I hit open and get nothing. The black screen with "Power Toolkit" stays there. But when I go to close, it tells me I'm about to eliminate data. What am I doing wrong here?


26 Aug 03, 23:07
I think I may have figured it out. Can I only look at one vehicle at a time...in other words, there's not one large database that opens up that I can scroll through. I have to go into the vehicle area, select the vehicle I want to view and that's how it works?

Is that right? Sorry to waste the bandwidth for this, but wanted to make sure I'm not missing something. Remember, I'm the not too bright one that needs smaller, easier training scenarios :)


Pat Proctor
27 Aug 03, 01:45
And I am the not-too-bright one who wrote the crappy interface ;)

Yes, you have it right. Once you open the database, you use the 'edit' functions to look at elements in the database.

You can see a table of vehicles and weapons by using the 'Export pK' functions from the 'Vehicle' sub-menu of the 'Database menu' (left line is vehicles, top line is weapons, numbers are pKs for appropriate facing).

27 Aug 03, 01:51
The only way to part of the database that can be viewed on mass are "pk" stats. You can export these for viewing and altering in excel. Beyond that, you have to look at one vehicle at a time.

As for that warning, it's standard. "Destroy" is more of a figurative term. The only data you really destroy is that which you changed and did not save.

(The prompt scared the crap out of me when I first diddled with the BCT: Commander database.)

Pat Proctor
27 Aug 03, 10:59
It got your attention, though, didn't it? :p