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16 Oct 05, 08:09
Not sure if everyone is aware of this, but do you know you can march an entire command (Battalion, Division, Corps, Army) all at once? Simply use the "Alt" key when doing your movement. For the larger organizations I place the leader on the top of the first stack, and then move him with the unit on top.

Select both the leader and unit, then press and hold the Alt key. Then right click either the next hex, or the destination hex, and all the sub-units in that command will move along with them. This is especially useful on roads & pikes as there's no variations in movement point costs to slow the column down. With 2 or 3 clicks I can move several thousand men down the road, which really speeds turns up.

I usually clean my lines up to do this, placing the wagons at the rear of the clumn, as they will move slower when not on pikes.

Jim Cobb
16 Oct 05, 12:17
I use this all the time in big battles. It illustrates the need for traffic control, a factor often overlooked.

17 Oct 05, 03:17
Rich - Here is another way to move alot of units. You can move an entire string of units regardless of formation affiliation by just selecting the hex (dont select any unit) that contains the first of a long line of units on a road and then Alt-Right CLICK the hex where you want it to move to (usually a road hex of course).

I do this in large scenarios - one move and my entire side has marched down a road.

This works in the Panzer Campaigns and Modern Battles too.

You have to make sure that all units are on the road otherwise you can have some headaches - units off the road will get moved in odd directions AND you have to watch switchbacks.

But it cant be beat for a time saving move! An entire three corps of troops with one key + mouse click.

If you have units intermixed with your formations and dont have Napoleon handy this form of the Alt+Right CLICK cant be beat.

18 Oct 05, 17:04
It illustrates the need for traffic control, a factor often overlooked.

So true! In some of my games, the deciding factor for my defeats- excluding the merits of my opponent's performance- was poor, appaling really, traffic management. Once you start marching and counter-marching your units to sort the traffic jams, you know you've lost the iniciative.

If it's true that GOd helps the bigger battalions, one must firts make them get to the place where they're needed, so He can do his "thing".

18 Oct 05, 18:06
And one of the reasons I like the big maps so much...more goes into the battle than two established battle lines!

Jim Cobb
18 Oct 05, 18:50
My all-time favorite example comes from the Skyline Drive scenario of Bulge '44. Two huge German columns separated from a weak American line only by a river. Trick is that the German bridging engineers are at the rear of the columns,