View Full Version : Oak Grove -01b: Camapign Peninsula

10 Oct 05, 22:29
Played almost half of this as the Union player vs AI today -my first real try at something this small -as I'd been intimidated by the size of most of the scenarios earlier.
Played phased play - by accident - but it was small enough where it did not seem to disrupt the flow of the game. I will have to try this one from the Southern perspective to get an idea how the North attacks via AI - the South did not defend very well - in that I mounted an attack to the South with Robinson, Perry, and one other Brigade - they swept across the marshy wtream taking the Southern positions in the flank - they had been kept occupied with some frontal maneuvering but nothing mosre than some heavy close range firing which pretty well exhausted that Division...Sickles went up North (near the rough terrain) to scout out a crossing there -but managed to get stomped by the Rebs- which caused a few regiments to break -and me to withdraw behind the abatis....

Well the AI Rebs decided to follow - however they got hung up on the abatis- and were pretty much decimated - routing off the field (never to appear again - by the time I called it quits) ... in fact one NC rgt had a whopping one man left ...

My problem (well it would have been my problem if the South had any reserves) - was that my left flank was wide open - although I was in the process of adressing this with a recently released Union division that I brought up on the left .

Not knowing if there were any Confederate reinforcements - I was prepared to secure the 5 VP areas that I took (all around the center of the map) -and set up a defensive perimeter... considering I already had a Union major victory at that point. The one failing I had - is that the AI managed to get a small rgt through the center of my lines- which managed to find General Hooker- who was captured ( um yeh - keep all leaders stacked with units) ---I knew that one -but had gotten lazy...

I will get some images up eventually...

Infantry: 2531
Leaders: 1

Infantry: 3866
Cavalry: 250
Artillery: 42
Leader: 4

-804 points as of turn 23 (of 39)

Ok granted not the best AAR as I need to become more familiar with the map areas.