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22 Aug 03, 12:06
There seems to be a problem with the Ft. Polk map in the original scenario pack. The .gmp is empty.

I redownloaded the scenario pack to see if the corruption thing was an issue, but in the new download it doesn't seem to have the Polk map files at all.

--- Kevin

22 Aug 03, 13:19
Yeah, I noticed that. If you have BCT: Commander, there are Fort Polk maps included. You can then convert them for ATF.

There are also maps for Fort Sil, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Knox, Afghanistan, Hawaii, Ottowa, Utah Canyon, and a couple of other places.

Pat Proctor
22 Aug 03, 13:33
The Fort Polk map was not working correctly, so we pulled it from the Scenario Pack.

You're just too fast, KB ;)