View Full Version : el alamein?

lezgo killemall
06 Oct 05, 02:45
anyone up for a game. finally figured out how to do the pbem and have a battle going w/ dannybou in smolensk and would like to get another going w/ this title. know im going to be getting schooled by you guys but the more i get schooled now the more free games ill win in the tournies later :devious:

lezgo killemall
07 Oct 05, 21:54
cluck cluck cluck

no one wants to drop down the ladder huh :devious:

Jim Cobb
07 Oct 05, 21:58
Let me finish a TFB game first. I'd love to play a newbie who doesn't punctuate and uses "school" instead of "learn". :cheeky:

lezgo killemall
08 Oct 05, 00:33
i seem to bring out the best in everyone :D

looking forward to it jim.

Jim Cobb
08 Oct 05, 09:18
Why don't you start. Run the optional rules you want by me first. Thanks.