View Full Version : cherry ripe for the pickin

lezgo killemall
02 Oct 05, 08:29
anyone up for a smolensk or el alamein battle. just got both and still learning and would love to try some pbem before the next tourney starts. dont really care abouth length, advantage or side, just looking to start some new wars w/ some new friends.

02 Oct 05, 12:44
I'm in. You choose game, sides, and we can get together for the rules.

lezgo killemall
02 Oct 05, 14:00
cool dannybou. hows about smolensk, ill be allies. as far as rules, i will defer to you on any and all rules as i still really dont know what the consequences of them are.

also, i do have the extra scn from the hps site.

02 Oct 05, 17:50
Alright I'll start something up. Probably in the 20 turn range. PM me your email address.