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Pat Proctor
18 Aug 03, 00:14

It is finally here! The free ATF Scenario Pack. We have built this scenario pack as our way of saying “Thank you” to all of the great Armored Task Force fans that have supported this game system since its inception. We hope that you will enjoy this additional content as much as we enjoyed building it.

You can download it right here!

ATF Scenario Pack (http://www.shrapnelgames.com/cgi-bin/newuploads/1061178871.zip)

This Scenario Pack consists of the following elements:

Scenario: “Bihac 1: Desperate Defense”
Scenario: “Saudi Arabia 1: Desert Strike”
Map: Bihac, Bosnia Herzegovina
Map: Wadi Dabl, Saudi Arabia
Map: Fort Polk, Louisiana

This Scenario Pack is compressed in a compressed ZIP format. If you have Windows 2000 or Windows ME or later version of Windows, it will appear as a ‘compressed folder’. Otherwise, you will have to have a decompression utility such as WinZip (www.winzip.com) in order to unzip it.

When you extract the files, extract them to the ‘Data’ subdirectory of the Armored Task Force install directory on your computer.

That’s it! If you did everything right, two new scenarios, ‘Bihac 1’ and ‘Saudi Arabia 1’ should appear listed with your other scenarios when you start Armored Task Force and select ‘Begin a New Game’.

Dr Zaius
18 Aug 03, 05:36
It's about time! :D Just kidding.

Thanks for the update and thanks for the neat stuff. Heading over to download.

18 Aug 03, 17:19
SWEET! The help files have answered a number of questions I've had. I'll eventually get around to playing these scenarios. For now, I'll just build. :D

Black Moria
18 Aug 03, 22:50
I have a odd thing happening in the Saudi Arabia 1: Desert Strike scenario. The bottom 1/4 of the map is black - like the map is missing some of its map tiles. I can see the bottom part of the blue trace superimposed on the black, so I know that the map is incomplete.

Anyone else having this problem?

The scenario plays. It just like like the map is missing some tiles.

Pat Proctor
19 Aug 03, 01:13

We identified some problems with last nights uploads and would like to give you some updates to help you get through any problems you may be having.

1. If you downloaded the ATF Upgrade, version 1.03, prior to 18 August 03 at 10 PM Pacific Time, please redownload and reinstall it. There was an error in the upload which corrupted the installer package.

2. Many people had problems downloading the free ATF Scenario Pack from the Shrapnel Games Game Board, so we have uploaded it to our server. You can now get it at:


I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. I hope you will find that these free upgrades and add ons are worth the minor troubles.

Pat Proctor
19 Aug 03, 01:22

I would go ahead and redownload and install both the upgrade and the scenario pack. One or both of them may have been corrupted in our uploading or your downloading last night.

Sorry for the problems.

Black Moria
19 Aug 03, 13:56
No joy. I downloaded and reinstalled v1.03 and the scenario pack and I still get the map for the Saudi Arabia scenario looking like it missing tiles.

The attached file shows how the map is displaying.

Pat Proctor
19 Aug 03, 15:11
First, I would ask you to check and ensure that, when you extracted the files, they actually overwrote the old files. Try deleting 'wadi_dabl_color.bmp' and 'wadi_dabl_contour.bmp' from the 'Data' sub-directory of your ATF install directory and then re-extracting the files from the download package to the same directory.

Barring this, it is probably a graphics issue. The Saudi Arabia map is a much bigger map than most of the others in ATF, so it may have exposed a graphics issue you did not know you had.

Give me all the data on your system and graphics card, and I will be able to give you a little better troubleshooting advice.

Black Moria
19 Aug 03, 18:22
Grrr. It is probably the video card or driver. I deleted the files you stated and reinstalled them and I am still getting the same video output.

My machine is a AMD 2200+ with 512 MB of RAM. Video is a ATI Radeon 7000 64 MB AGP with the latest drivers (Catalyst 3.6). The OS is Windows XP with all current patches.

I even tried running ATF in 256 color mode to see if that would help and still no joy for that scenario.

Then for a experiment, I set the ATF map display from color with contour to contour only and I can see the whole map. I also can see the whole map if I go color only. So color with contour is a wash.

So I suspect what your answer is going to be. Radeon 7000 = :dead: