View Full Version : ATF Version 1.03 Upgrade

Pat Proctor
17 Aug 03, 22:59

We have just completed work on the Version 1.03 upgrade for Armored Task Force. It is a part of a concentrated effort to greatly improve the total content for this newest commercial release and comes on the heels of the ATF Scenario Builder help pages and free ATF Scenario Pack. It is intended to address a few remaining issues from version 1.02, as well as add some more content for users of the ATF Power Toolkit. Here are a few of the upgrades in this version.

Import Maps from BCT
Improved Path Finding in restricted Terrain
Fix to pK facing problem
Power Toolkit stability issues
Much more.

To download the Version 1.03 Upgrade, go to:


We've also updated the demo version of Armored Task Force. So, if you haven't tried ATF yet, or tried it and had reservations, we encourage you to check it out. You can download it at: