View Full Version : ProSIM Company Apology

Pat Proctor
16 Aug 03, 21:22

I sent this letter off to the Wargamer.com today, and I think it is only right that I share it here as well:

Mr. Wallace,

When you took over Wargamer.com, I had some reservations that I shared pretty publicly via our e-mail and web forums. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for those comments and admit that I was wrong.

At the time of the sale, Matrix Games' and David Heath's involvement in the venture gave me serious reservations about the future of the Wargamer.com, a company that we had supported in many ways, including financially, through the years. I really loved the site, and, frankly, thought it was being turned into an advertising outlet for Matrix Games. I believe my exact words were a, "mouthpiece for Matrix."

After having watched the site grow and, literally, come back from the brink over the past several months, I regret having said what I did, especially so publicly. You guys have really improved the site, brought in tons of new content, and have been consummately fair and balanced. You continue to render impartial reviews to products, regardless of their developer or publisher. In short, I was wrong.

So, I'm eating a little crow (O.K., a huge, heaping helping of crow). I hope that you will post this letter to your editorial page, or some other prominent location, just to undo any of the damage I might have done with my ill-informed words. I will be posting this letter on our web and e-mail forums towards that end.

Again, I'm sorry for the hasty words and thank you for bringing Wargamer.com back from the brink. Keep up the good work.