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Roland Morris
07 Sep 05, 17:51
Back in the day (1980's) I used to play Napoleonic board games by Kevivn Zucker. Titles like Struggle of Nations, Napoleon at Bay, 1809, etc. Does anyone know if any of these games been tanslated into PC versions or if are there other PC games that use a similar system that Zucker used?


07 Sep 05, 22:13
There's a good chance there's an ADC2 module for them, and if so it can be found here, most likely:

Gary McClellan
09 Sep 05, 00:46
Frank Hunter's games on 1806 and 1809 are conceptually the closest to the classic Zucker games that I've seen on PC. Not entirely the same, but similiar scales and ideas.

He used to sell them himself, but now they are sold by Matrix

Roland Morris
09 Sep 05, 08:19
That's close to what I was looking for, although actual translations of Zucker's titles would be preferred. I always enjoyed Mr. Zucker's system and games, but now with a house full of kids and cats I have no safe place for a board game to remain safely set up. I'll also have to look into ADC2, which I'm not familiar with at all. I saw many Zucker titles on the site that Rich recommended. Thanks Gary and Rich!