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21 Aug 05, 21:41

I wasn't aware a new downloads section was going up, but it has...and all the old stuff has to be manually moved. So, I've begun that proccess.

Today I uploaded a bunch of new scenarios, primarily for the BG series. I'm going to place all of them up there first before putting up the HPS one's, so the HPS one's are at the top of the listings...

So, if you still play BG, you may want to check them out:


If you have your own content to post, you are welcome to, but I would suggest holding off until I get all the old content posted, so it doesn't get burried. I easily have another 100 or so scenarios between the BG content and all the HPS Nap & EAW stuff...so stand by!

22 Aug 05, 19:14
All the Nap stuff is now up...and please note there is a seperate downloads section for the EAW content, which I am in the process of putting up there. All of the FIW & 1812 stuff is up now, just 1776 left to go...there's a lot of that though!

24 Aug 05, 06:40
Thanks for all the good work Rich. It's greatly appreciated!!! :love:

27 Aug 05, 19:01
I added in a new scenario today:

Nap's Russian Campaign - MOE III Scenario - A custom scenario created for the "Master of Europe" tournament in the Napoleonic Wargame Club. Only a sub-map is needed to play, which is included. No other altered files. This is a realtively small engagement with 25,000 troops per side or so.