View Full Version : Anyone ever read the Sharpe's series of books?

01 Aug 05, 00:16
The series by Bernard Cornwell is a great primer to the Napoleonic games by HPS. They help me visualize the troop movement and the fluidness of the battles. I know that they are fiction set in a historical era but I still find them an enjoyable way to get ideas for AARs. Speaking of AARs, watch for one coming from me shortly.

01 Aug 05, 04:13
Tried reading one of his books once Ben but just couldn’t get into it. I thinks it was not so much the quasi historical content but his style of writing that put me off.

01 Aug 05, 08:02
I remember seeing a show on PBS called "Sharpe's Rifles". Excellent show. Do you know if this is the same "Sharpe"?

Doc Ozzie
01 Aug 05, 13:10

Richard Sharpe is the main character of that TV show and the books (Bernard Cornwwell).


The Sharpe books in my opinion are written with an enjoyable quick style of writing and are based upon historical-fiction.

If I am not in the mood to read a history book but just want to immerse myself in the era, they are quite fun. IMO.

To understand where I am coming from. If your into historical fiction writing , I would rate the following as:

Michael Shaara/Jeffrey Shaara series as a 9 out of 10. (IMO the best historical writing of that era)

Patrick O’Brian’s Napoleonic Naval 9 out of 10. The Character Capt. Jack Aubrey was modelled after Cochran, who If I remember correctly was the Admiral bombarding US soil in the war of 1812.

The Richard Sharpe series I would rate a 7’ish out of 10.

Horatio Hornblower Napoleonic Naval series by CS Forester is a 7’ish out of 10.

But this rating is my subjective opinion of my expectations. I feel Shaara and O’Brian are a bit more “serious” (if that is the word I am looking for), but I would recommend them all.

01 Aug 05, 17:43
I totally agree with you. I have read the first 3 books so far and they are easy to digest with little in the way of complexity or difficult to understand concepts. But they flow pretty well and I rather enjoy them. Sharpe is like a Napoleonic Bond or something.

04 Aug 05, 19:20
I've really enjoyed the Sharpe books. I found that I had a lot better understanding of how the Napoleonic battlefield worked from reading the books.

Jim Cobb
07 Aug 05, 15:21
I've read them all, some twice. I picked up al 14 episodes on DVD on Ebay for $10.

I think we can expect two, including one on Flanders. Not serious history but enjoyable.

Dean Beecham
14 Aug 05, 18:35
Hi New member here,
Got all the book,first ones,that came out before the TV or DVDs,I find them a great read,
The DVDs are not as good as the Books but if you are into Nappy,A must to get,