View Full Version : Getting old BG Napoleonic games to run

24 Jul 05, 22:25
Is anyone here able to install and play the old Battleground Napoleonic games? I tried to install my Waterloo and Prelude to Waterloo games, but my PC says those are DOS games and that it's not able to run them.

But I'm sure they can be played in WinXP. Any tips on how to accomplish this?


25 Jul 05, 07:35
Try this attached file...download it, then rename the extension to .exe, then run it - this resolved a similar issue for a business application on XP systems, so it might do the trick for this as well. Please let me know!

25 Jul 05, 07:51
I don't actually own any of the older games but after a little bit of research, I stumbled upon John Tiller's webpage. If you look here you can find 32 bit updates for all the old Tiller Talonsoft titles. You can try patching them and that should definitely work. If not another option would be to run them in Windows 98 compatibility mode. They would still be running in 16 bit though.

Try out this website and see how much it helps.


25 Jul 05, 08:56
After re-reading the post, Rahamy looks like he knows more about the issue than I do. I have heard of people who had trouble running the games, not actually installing them. You should definitely try what he is suggesting. I just found the 32 bit upgrades by chance when surfing the web.

25 Jul 05, 09:32
It works Rich, thanks! Now I can go back to BG Waterloo to "practice" until I can buy Campaign Waterloo.

@ Leftie: The problem was precisely that. I couldn't install it to apply the patches.

I advise you guys to get hold of this little file, it seems to be a good answer to all these incompatibilities (I had the same message appear when I uninstalled WinSPMBT, by the way)

Thanks again!