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19 Jul 05, 06:54
I am not sure if it is possible to do this but I figured I would ask. I want to change the color of the outline when you select a hex in both the 2d and 3d map mode. Right now when you select a hex, it flashes red, well I am color blind (specifically I have a red/green deficiency) and it makes it difficult to see the hex that is selected. The reds and greens blend together when they are close to each other. I thought I might try to make it blue or some other color that is easy on my eyes.

Any thoughts?

19 Jul 05, 08:19
I'm not sure this is editable at the user level. And while I could ask John to change it game wide, this is the first time we've ever had that request - and there's nothing saying changing it to something else won't cause the same problem for other people. So, sort of a catch 22. Is there no way you can work around this?

19 Jul 05, 16:09
Hi Lefie, I have the same "disorder" since I don't own any of the Napolenic Battles I can't test this out. But I think its possible in the PzC games to change the "selection cursor", and as far as I remember is called "Alternative highlightning". Try to see if its there, the games are from the same company ;)


19 Jul 05, 18:06
Yeah I can work with it, I just have to watch the screen for movement instead of the color difference. I thought that it would be something that I could just edit myself. If I can't make the change myself, I wouldn't want anyone to go through the trouble on my behalf.

Just to show you that I am not some freak of nature or anything ...

Some 10 million American men—fully 7 percent of the male population—either cannot distinguish red from green, or see red and green differently from most people. This is the commonest form of color blindness (javascript: loadGlossaryBubble('popups/120.html#C5')), but it affects only .4 percent of women.

There are several sources out there but most agree that between 7-10 percent of the entire male population has some form of color blindness.