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Pat Proctor
11 Jul 03, 19:32

ProSIM Company is looking for scenario designers! We seek to augment our current development team for several projects based on the Armored Task Force engine.

What's Required

Wargamers! Ideally, we are looking for people familiar with ProSIM Company products. But we will take a hard look at anyone who is passionate about wargames.
Grognards! We are looking for zealous dedication to realism in keeping with the ultra-realistic products we produce here at ProSIM Company.
A passion for a historic period of warfare. We are looking for interests in any period from WWII to sci-fi/far future, so if your interests fall in any of these periods, in any region of the world, you are what we are looking for.

What's NOT Required

100 hours a week. Hey, we have day jobs, too. Time tables will be flexible and negotiated with this in mind. Our positions do not have 'hours'.
Relocation. All work will be conducted via the internet and snail mail.
Military experience. While ProSIM Company is made up entirely of veterans and active duty service members, this is not a requirement. But a good understanding of military tactics and equipment and the dedication to do good research is required.
Programming experience. No coding is required.

If you are interested, contact ProSIM Company at: