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15 Jun 05, 10:40
Firing up T1 of Quatres Bras as the Allies. The French have an "Exit Objective" at the top of the map. All I can find in the help files is:

Exit Objective -
An objective hex where points are awarded to the owning side for removing units from the map at that hex.
So, my question is: how many points are awarded?

15 Jun 05, 11:03
I'm sure Rich will be along to help out with that one, or I hope so, as I've never been able to find that info either.

Gary McClellan
15 Jun 05, 14:18
As memory serves, it is the same number of points that the other guys would get if they killed them. So, if guns are worth 20pts per, exiting a gun would be worth 20pts to the French.

15 Jun 05, 19:10
Gary is correct...just tried it. 8 guns exited brought 48 points to the French.