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15 Jun 05, 10:03
...are available for download here: http://www.warfarehq.com/archives/forumdisplay.php?f=50

15 Jun 05, 10:09
Cool. If I have these installed, does my opponent have to have them also?

Gary McClellan
15 Jun 05, 14:22
As a general rule, if you change graphics files, there is no need for your opponant to use them. All of that info is stored on your computer. For that matter, if you wanted to have a file where French soldiers looked like flying monkeys, that would be your right, and wouldn't effect the other player at all.

Maybe the best rule of thumb is that these are the files you do not mess with (unless by arrangement with your enemy)
.pdt (this is the main file that gives gun, movement, weather data and the like)
.oob (The order of Battle file)
.scn (the scenario file)
.org (only used in campaign games)

The others, are, to my knowledge, not a problem (though of course, some will just flat out break your game)

15 Jun 05, 14:28
Neat, do you have the file for making the French look like flying monkeys? That would be fun!