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28 May 05, 12:12

This is a reply I made to a guy over at the Blitz who was asking if the scenarios in Waterloo were designed with any specific optional rules in mind...


A comment on design and balancing. As a designer I, and most of the other guys, go for a general balance to a scenario. We look at factors such as forces involved, overall quality of those forces, and terrain to be fought over, and historical (if app.) objectives. We then adjust the scoring accordingly. There's really no way to fine tune a scenario using certain optional rules, because a tremendous amount of the "balance" is dependant upon the individual players. I've been playing this style of game for about 8 years now...put me in a "balanced" scenario against a guy who just started and I am going to walk all over him. So, there's always a lot of variables to consider, and we just do the best we can to make the scenario winnable from both sides, given the right circumstances.

Another thing I try to do is not make a major victory possible solely by capturing objective hexes. The main goal in all these battles is to destroy the enemy, so unless you inflict more casualties upon your opponent don't expect to pull out a Major Victory...


29 May 05, 08:28
For those interested, here's the optional rules I prefer to play with in the Nap series:


And the ones I prefer to use for the EAW series:



29 May 05, 14:19
Same goes for me.