View Full Version : R42, K43, or K44 Big Boy

25 May 05, 16:17
Anybody up for the CG from one of these monstrosities? I'd like to take the Russians whether they're attacking or defending. Main reason is that it seems like I've been the Germans in every game I've played lately. I can do a turn every couple of days on average for a battle this big, so this is for the long haul.

Generals please submit your applications.....

25 May 05, 23:12
I can do one. Let's pick on Korsun since we haven't played it yet?

26 May 05, 10:10
Heh heh, figured you'd step up. Korsun sounds good to me. I'll email you here in a minute.

26 May 05, 15:24
Got your mail. AM on night shift tonight again so I'll be ready by tomorrow.