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24 May 05, 19:25
Wondering how many of you have it, and have played a bit...interested in your feedback. :cool:

Gary McClellan
24 May 05, 19:43
Have it (of course) and so far am enjoying it greatly.

As usual, I'm focusing on the campaigns, though I'll move to the set battles at some point. The "wide campaign" seems to be the most popular one, though the French are showing a distressing tendency to take the Mons option.

24 May 05, 19:58
Yeah, if the Frogs go through Mons and the Allies concentrate on the Charleroi approach they are going to be in a difficult situation.

When time permits I'd like to get a multi-player game going using one of the Hypothetical setups I created, towards the end of the scenario list. Probably v7, 8 or 9.

Gary McClellan
24 May 05, 20:00
Actually, am playing the "big one", and I took the "defend Mons" option, and the Froggies took the Mons road, and I still feel out of place. (Though a fair chunk of that was getting a bunch of cav trapped in that triangle south of Mons with that cursed tree lined road.

24 May 05, 20:04
Dierk trounced me pretty good there too...you have to pull back pretty quickly once you realize the French have chosen that rout, then concentrate your forces as quickly as possible.

I sent a Corps of Prussians towards Mons to threaten the French flank & rear...that's a good way to divert at least some of their offensive force.

24 May 05, 20:33
I don't have it......... yet!!!! But I will be getting it for sure.

24 May 05, 21:03
Rich, I'll not sure when I will have it. Have you mailed Pat Carroll's order to me yet! I'll be danged sure wanting to dig into this bad boy when I get it!! Be intertested in the MP game you talked about also. :cheeky:

25 May 05, 07:37
Hey Mark,

That order should have been processed on Monday if Scott didn't get bogged down in other things. So you should have it soon!

We'll see what we can work up on the MP side. :)

25 May 05, 22:23
Well speak of the devil, it arrived today!!!!! :cheeky:

25 May 05, 22:32
Send me a turn then... :cheeky:

25 May 05, 22:38
Like I need another big game right now... :eek:

But should we look at setting up a Multi Player game?

25 May 05, 22:53
But should we look at setting up a Multi Player game?Not to stop you from doing this, but be aware that WARS doesn't support that as of now.

25 May 05, 22:57
Multiplayer? Would this be like more than 2 players, and each of us controlling let's say a Corps? Or players controlling divisions?

25 May 05, 23:00
Yes, 2 or more players per side. Each side has an overall commander who's in charge of making sure the game files keep moving. Can post more later if people are interested, gotta crash now. :bored:

Brent - not a problem, we can just register it as 2 (or more) seperate games, pairing off 1 person from each team at a time.

Gary McClellan
25 May 05, 23:01
Yeah, you can divvy up the forces however you like in an multiplayer game.

For instance, you could play the full Ligny/Quatre Bras, with one player doing the Prussians, and another doing the English.

25 May 05, 23:10
OK I understand now. Never done that before, but am interested.

25 May 05, 23:38
Send me a turn then... :cheeky:

I'll get one on the way. :devil: