View Full Version : Basrah Attack Revised

19 Jun 03, 15:57
I've uploaded a modified version of the Basrah attack scenario. A company of AH-64D Longbow Apaches have replaced 1-82 FA and 6 SQDRN. It also features a reworked database by kbluck that models infantry better, as well as an update to the maneuver graphics so OBJ GREMLIN is defined.

The attack helicopters in ATF v1.02 appear to be far more deadly than in previous versions of the game. Two or three Longbows can destroy both enemy artillery battalions with ammo to spare. The key is carefully maneuvering them into fire positions and engaging from longer ranges. If you are vigilant, you can kill all the enemy indirect fire support, BRDM-2 with AGTM, BMP-2s, and most of the enemy's tank force before your main maneuver forces make contact.

It can be found in the ATF/BCT scenario forum.