View Full Version : Campaign Waterloo coming out

Gary McClellan
09 May 05, 20:14
Well, it looks like HPS Campaign Waterloo will be out this Friday:


Frenchmen, beware!

09 May 05, 22:06
The one and only screen shot I found is an ugly looking 3D view.

Is there a top down 3D view?

09 May 05, 22:10
OMFG I need a cold shower :surprise:

Gary McClellan
09 May 05, 22:13
Nope, there are 4 views overall
3d zoom in (what you saw)
3d zoom out (same, but each unit/hex is smaller)
2d zoom in (looks like a board game, complete with counters)
2d zoom out (teeny hexes)

09 May 05, 23:43
Looks like an interesting game.

10 May 05, 01:42
Where do I go to see the 2D zoom in?

Gary McClellan
10 May 05, 01:55
This pic is from one of the earlier games in the series (Eckmuhl), but the basic look of the 2d will be the same, though I've been told that some of the terrain tiles are improved.


(pic quality degraded slightly when I capped it, but you should get the idea)

The graphics are certainly not fancy or anything, but honestly, I'm a "function over form" sort, and I love the 2d Look :laugh:

18 May 05, 00:19
HPS isn't known for cute rate 3D rendered graphics, but for good quality wargames. The Napoleonic Series with the early American War series are just superb games, more so as a PBEM. I'm having a superb battle right now at Campaign Eckhmul as the French attempting to escape an encirclement by the Austrians. He's got me cornered, but man he is paying for it.