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Talon xBMCx
11 Jun 03, 20:25
AS the subject states ... come and get it!!

ATF 1.02 (http://www.shrapnelgames.com/prosim/atf/atf_patch_2.htm)

From the Shrapnel website ....

UPGRADES IN VERSION 1.02. The complete list of tweaks and fixes (mostly upgrades and changes) is quite lengthy here are some of the more important highlights to be found in version 1.02:

- Power Toolkit. Gamers can tinker with the database and even make their own maps now. Maps created can either use ProSimCo's custom format elevation data or use official USGS DEM format data. Additionally, players can modify any of the current game maps.
- New AI Terrain Types. Map makers can designate certain areas as impassable to the AI, making scenario creation easier. Also, SBF AI Terrain identification is now automated, which also helps make the scenario designer's life a tad bit easier.
- Database Editor. Just as it sounds, users can dabble with anything and everything. Want to add new sounds? New icons? Check. How about new vehicles? Sure thing. Modify the pK values? You bet. If it's in the database, it can be changed.
- Import/Export pK Table. Veterans of the BCT Construction Set will enjoy this feature. Now you can export the pKs of the current database into a spreadsheet program (such as Excel) and proceed to edit it, then pop it back into ATF.
- UH-60L. The Blackhawk has been added to ATF. In conjunction with this aircraft (both fixed wing and rotary) are now harder to kill. You asked for it, you got it. So don't go cryin' home to momma when the big bad choppers turn your tanks into Swiss cheese!
- Tutorial. Chapter two of the manual has been converted to HTML and is now included with both the demo and the release version.
- Much, much, much more.