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11 Jun 03, 18:57
There are still some things I'd like to see in fire missions.

1. I wish there was a way to "walk" volleys. This would be particularly useful for smoke, or when you're working over a moving column. Right now, you have to plan multiple missions, thus incurring the compute overhead.

2. I'd like to be able to slow down the ROF. Smoke would be a lot easier if I could tell my mortars to refresh the screen every 55 seconds. Right now, its either volley fire producing much more than I need, or new missions which incur overhead let the smoke die out in between. Ideally, this could go together with the "walk" feature. It's not so bad with the 155s, since the smoke lasts long enough to schedule TOT missions, but still, its a real drag having to put on repetitious missions like that.

3. I'd like to be able to call for Max ROF. When I have an entire enemy battalion hung up on a minefield, it drives me nuts not being able to call for a "rain of fire". I understand there are limitations to this, which you know better than I do, but I do know it's possible while in the game it's not an option.

4. "Next available" firing units. I'd like not to have to assign fire missions to specific units, but rather have the first appropriate unit pick up the next mission when it becomes idle/emplaced.

5. Preplanned missions. I'd like to pretarget missions and be able to call for them at need. Ideally, this would eliminate the "compute" delay.


--- Kevin

12 Jun 03, 17:29
I was thinking about preplanned mission settings

18 Jun 03, 06:53
Yes, this would be great! Otherwise it is tough to pound an enemy column at the right spot. From the requests of kbluck, I think this is the most important. Is it very difficult to implement?