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11 Jun 03, 18:40
Well, I've just applied the 1.02 patch and played with it for a little bit. I have to say, I'm much happier with a lot of things.

Tank gunnery seems much improved. Shooting at a reasonable rate of fire and hitting their targets much more effectively. Of course, it works both ways...

I see the "broken" fire mission types have been removed. The emplacement and mission processing anomalies seem to be resolved. And, yay, I *finally* killed something with mortars! That's a first for me.

The single biggest change to play are the dismounts. Greatly reduced infantry spotting really changes the dynamics of the game. No more spotting dismounts from 10 klicks away and plinking them like prarie dogs! Now, I've found that they usually get a shot at you before you even know they're there, which certainly lines up with my expectations. We're all going to have to work a lot harder at counter-recon now, and infiltrating dismounts may now be a viable option. Tanks really have something to fear now from those lowly ground-pounders. Right on!

So, all in all, I'm quite pleased with the changes. Thanks to you and your team for the hard work, Captain!

Now, we return you to our regularly scheduled criticism...



--- Kevin

12 Jun 03, 00:45
Well, first I'd like to thank kbluck for being the first to break the news about v1.02. I thought it would be out sometime this weekend. However, your hard work has granted you salvation Cpt. Proctor. :D

I haven't played the game yet with the new patch. I've been going through the Power tools. Generating maps is going to be just as difficult as I thought. HOWEVER, I do believe it was a good call to release this, no matter how complicated, since it at least gives us the option to tackle the challenge.

(I tried to see if we could port maps from BCT to ATF, just for kicks. That didn't work [I knew it but was worth a try.])

For now, I'll just edit current maps, and work on the database editor. I'll also try to get out a scenario utilizing the Blackhawk helicopters ASAP.

Now that all the editing tools have been released, ATF seems complete.

Good work ProSim!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Talon xBMCx
12 Jun 03, 00:55
I was waiting for an email or posting on the Shrapnel boards stating 1.02 was up and was really surprised when I saw kbluk's post. But sure enough ... there it was!

Ive downloaded and patched ... havent played anything yet ... so many new toys to play with!!!!! Im like a kid in a candy shop ... dont know where to start!!!! :D

Looking ofrward to some more great scenarios DP!!!!

CPT Proctor ... its great to see a company continuing to support and provide additional tools for their sims. Thanks! :thumup:


12 Jun 03, 04:40
Creating new vehicles for me will be a tad bit difficult. I need to learn how to create the images for the game. I have little skills in that department. However, scenarios will always be forthcoming as long as I have ideals.

(If people have scenario ideals, let me know.)