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25 May 03, 00:10
This is my first try at building scenarios for ATF. It centers around the first 23 minutes of the Battle of 73 Easting. I will likely add at least another scenario detailing one of two major confrontations between VIIth Corps and elements of Iraq's RGFC Tawakalna Division, and 12th Armored Division.


- I did some testing to make sure you can complete the mission in the same timeframe as the actual battle. Most of 18 BDE was caught off guard by E/2-2 ACR's attack. So I use AI Time codes. If you move decisively, you can kill most of the enemy force before they can react. I am willing to rework the time frame if players find it too easy.

- For you history nuts, Cpt. McMasters did have access to all of 6-41 FA throughout the battle. At first, he likely forgot this. Once reminded, he tried to call in fire missions, but his troop was moving too fast, and was forced to cancel them. He did use artillery to aid Eagle Troops consolidation of his position.

- I added images to the FRAGO to OPORD mainly to highlight the advantages of html OPORDs, and provide you some visual reference to the positioning of friendly units. I know the FRAGO isn't great. However, I hate paperwork. OPORDs usually slow my scenario development down.

- I still have alot to learn with the scenario builder. There are alot of features. I make extensive use of the AI Timing option because it's simple. Yet, I believe it is only the tip of what can be done with scripting knowledge.

- Thanks to Cpt. Proctor for answering all my questions. He all, but built the scenario. :)

Scenario can be downloaded at both Warfare HQ's and the BCT scenario Archives.

25 May 03, 11:30
Awsome, thanks for the contribution!

Pat Proctor
25 May 03, 11:38

I played this thing three times last night. I really like what you did with the FRAGO. And the "get them before the get you" element of the game is really a new facet to ATF. You've given me a ton of good ideas for AATF.