View Full Version : Modern military simulation ladder coming soon...

Dr Zaius
02 Sep 02, 11:14
I'm pleased to announce that Warfare HQ will be adding a "Modern Military Simulations" ladder to complement our existing ladders. This ladder will be a little bit different than the other ladders on Warfare HQ as it supports more than one game. Since the way these titles handle victory results is somewhat different - some are turn based and some are real time - that means the mathmatical process we will use to compute scores for the ladder will be somewhat simplified.

These simulations are of a slightly different nature than TOAW, Comabt Mission, or the Campaign Series. Having said that, this new forum's main pupose will be to serve as an opponents registry of sorts, not really a "competitive" ladder.

The ladder should be operational soon. In the mean time, you can still sign up for this new service by clicking on the "Join" button at the top of the main Warfare HQ webpage. Simply click on that button and fill out the required information.

Looking forward to seeing some good battles here at Warfare HQ! :ar15:

Dr Zaius
03 Sep 02, 07:09
The ladder is up and running and we already have two new members! Hopefully, they'll be a lot more soon. :D

Dr Zaius
05 Sep 02, 17:29
Twelve members and counting. Make sure you refer your friends. The more wargamers on the ladder the merrier. :p