View Full Version : SB new patch today

22 Mar 05, 19:43
Over the last few days Ive been speaking to John Tiller with regards to 1. MG 42 being increased in lethality for ES and AoTR inline with the values of Africa at War which make the gun far more realistic. 2. Implimenting the tank assualt in cover terrian path to ES.

He has gone ahead and done this and there up today aswell as a couple of other new things.

This shows how fantatsic HPS is in listening to their customers and taking on board suggestions.

Well DOne HPS and John Tiller.

22 Mar 05, 20:35
I always find that the support from HPS is exemplary.

06 Apr 05, 21:15
A few other Squad Battles have been patched:

Korean War version 1.02
Pacific War version 1.01