View Full Version : Fulda or NGP game?

Dave Standing
01 Mar 05, 14:05
Hi i am new here and am looking for a couple of small to medium games from these two titles. Please reply if interested, thanks.

01 Mar 05, 14:50
If nobody else takes you up in the next few days, shoot me a PM.

01 Mar 05, 15:03
My copy of NGP is on the way and I should have it by the weekend. If you aren't booked by then I'll take a game.

Dave Standing
02 Mar 05, 06:28
OK guys thanks, RangerBooBoo give me a shout when the game comes and we can set-up a game.

Dave Standing
04 Mar 05, 08:39
Looking for one more if anyone is interested, thanks.

04 Mar 05, 12:04
I can fit a game in. PM me.

13 Mar 05, 10:51
if I am not too late , send me a turn


10 Apr 05, 23:35
Anyone heard from Dave? I haven't heard from him about 3 weeks.

11 Apr 05, 19:30
I haven't either. We started a game a while back, and the last turn I got was about 3-1/2 weeks ago.