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05 May 03, 17:35
In order to wedge my batteries into tight spots behind cover, I sometimes manually put them into a position area, that is to say, I issue direct movement orders rather than using the "Occupy Position Area" mission. I've found that the mission method is very convenient but gets confused easily in rough terrain.

At any rate, when the units stop, they start emplacing. Vehicle Specs gives 75 seconds for the Paladins to emplace, but I've observed more like 5-8 minutes. In the attached savegame, the batteries near PL Scott on the west side have already been sitting for about 2 minutes. They won't emplace for another 4 or so minutes. Am I doing something wrong?


--- Kevin

Pat Proctor
06 May 03, 10:58
I will check it out. we have ID'd some things that don't react well to lag. This may be something we have missed.