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02 May 03, 18:47
Am I correct in my belief that blowing away all 6 of an OPFOR artillery battalion's ACRV fire control tracks effectively silences the entire battalion, even if the guns are untouched?

Are the ACRVs allocated two to a battery, and if the correct two ACRVs are smoked, does that shut down the battery? Or will the enemy AI reattach the guns to working batteries?


--- Kevin

Pat Proctor
02 May 03, 20:15
Soviet Block hierarchies operate at an echelon above U.S. Hierarchies (That is battalions and companies rather than Companies and Platoons).

Artillery is consolidated as battalions. That is so that taking out all 6 ACRV's is required to silence the battalion.

03 May 03, 12:34
...taking out all 6 ACRV's is required to silence the battalion.

That's what I thought based on my experience with the game.

Followup: Does killing fewer than six ACRVs degrade the enemy battalion's operations in any way, e.g. longer compute times for processing missions? For that matter, what about US batteries losing an FDC unit? My impression is, no on both.


Tactical tip, gamers! If you can get eyes on an enemy artillery battalion in position area, aim your artillery at the six vehicles clustered in the center of the formation. They're fairly easy to kill with ICM, and its a lot cheaper than killing 18 guns. They tend to be clustered rather closely in two groups of three, so you can aim three tubes converged at each ACRV in a battalion fire mission and have an pretty good chance of wasting them all first shot. If you fail to kill some, they'll scatter a bit, so hold your fire until they settle down. Then hit the survivors (you've almost certainly killed at least three the first time) with a battery each. That's almost a guaranteed kill if you're accurate. If you're unlucky, you might require a third followup, but I usually finish them off on the second. Voila! Enemy artillery battalion out of action. You can mop up the guns later if you have time and ammo, but for now you can forget about them.

If you spot artillery on the move in column, the ACRVs are usually the lead six vehicles. Harder to hit with artillery, but still effective if you can swing it. Careful march speed calculations and a battalion TOT linear mission can usually get them if they don't change direction or stop on you. Probably worth dispatching some helicopters or aircraft if you have them in that situation and they have a covered approach. Copperhead works *very* well in this situation. Don't waste any precious PGM rounds you might have on mere tanks and BMPs. Save it for enemy FDCs, engineer assets, HQ units, and plow tanks.

Silencing enemy artillery is especially critical for the defense, since it is relatively easy to mass fire on your dug-in positions, and they can do a lot of damage to your (usually) relatively thin defenses before you even get a chance to fire. Make those scouts earn their money! Gamers tend to fixate on enemy combat units like tanks, but enemy artillery is arguably a greater threat and should receive a lot of your attention early in the scenario. Finding and taking out enemy DRTs is good policy, but usually not sufficient to avoid major damage from artillery by itself. Better to prevent the artillery from firing if at all possible.

A good example is the Giatsint battalion in the Death Valley Defense. Aggressive scouting can identify their position without violating either sector or LOA boundaries, and firing a couple volleys of well-placed BBDPICM can quickly take them out of the game before they even get started. The range on those guns is enormous (up to 40km!!!), and they can touch almost your the entire sector, so they represent an imminent threat to your own artillery almost from the start. Get them out early, and your artillery can settle down during Phase 1 in relative safety to hand out some destruction to the enemy infiltrators before displacing back in time to deal with the main attack. Otherwise, they have to move around a lot to avoid receiving some unwanted 152mm express mail. Note that your artillery needs to be in a somewhat forward position, sufficient to reach PL Ralph with BBDPICM for this to work.

During the main attack, your artillery should move back a bit to a more covered location where they can still reach the expected RAG position. If they can knock out one or more of the other artillery battalions, then your maneuver units' survivability goes way up. This is not quite such a slam-dunk, though, and requires careful timing to make sure your artillery doesn't get caught up in direct fire from the main attack and is also available to support the rest of the defense when needed.

--- Kevin

04 May 03, 11:19
Thanks for the advice. Killing artillery in ATF has been a nightmare for me. I could easily take out these six vehicles. :D

Pat Proctor
04 May 03, 11:53
My HPT's (High Payoff Targets) at game start are almost always:

1. Mounted recon forces in my rear area that can see and/or place direct fire on friendly HVT's
2. Dismounted recon teams that can see and direct inidrect fire on my friendly HVT's
3. Artillery FDC's for battalions in range of friendly elements

If you strip all of his eyes early, than he can not place indirect fire on you until he closes to make direct fire contact. This leaves you plenty of time to hunt down his FDC's without being chased around by counterbattery fire.

Agressive counter-reconnaisance, in my opinion, is the key to winning at ATF.

Talon xBMCx
04 May 03, 14:27
Great advice killing aty!!! Seems the AI already new this trick ... they do a damn good job on me all the time :o