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01 May 03, 12:13
I was thinking about the topic of weapon selection. Right now it seems the AI fires every weapon even remotely capable of harming the target more or less simultaneously. I've noted tank commanders banging away with low-odds .50 cal fire when they ought to be identifying targets for the gunner and directing their crews, and dismounts shooting ATGMs at other dismounts.

I realize the following is out of scope for a maintenance release, but I thought I'd mention it anyway in hopes it might spark an idea for future development.

I would suggest adding a factor for "weapon/target affinity". Every weapon gets an affinity value for various target types. When it comes time to engage, the AI selects the weapon system that is:

1. In range
- and -
2. Has ammo
- and -
3. Can damage taget
- and -
4. Maximum affinity value for the target.
- and -
5. Affinty value is not zero for target

In cases where multiple weapon systems have the same affinity value and they are all max, it will fire them all simultaneously.

For example, an M2 might have such values:

Tank: 5
BMP: 10
Dismount: 5

Tank: 10
BMP: 5
Dismount: 0

Coax MG
Tank: 0
BMP: 0
Dismount: 10

So, when firing at a tank, it will fire the TOW first. When the TOW is unavailable, it will shoot the 25mm if there is any chance of damage.

For BMPs, it will shoot the 25mm perferentially. It will fire TOW only if out of range or ammo for the 25mm.

For dismounts, it will first prefer the coax, then the 25mm. It will never fire coax at armor. It will never fire TOWs at dismounts.

For tanks, you would give all the MGs the same affinity for dismounts. It will then fire all MGs simultaneously at dismount targets, if they're in range.

Perhaps in "suppress" mode, you might allow everything capable of damage to fire all at once at an area target, subject to crew limitations. For example, if I'm not mistaken, the gunner of an M2 can't shoot the 25mm and the coax and the TOW all at once. In cases like that, they'll select the weapon most likely to damage the target rather than highest affinity (although that will usually be the same thing.)

Of course, target selection will not be affected. This only selects weapons for a given target.

For what its worth,

--- Kevin