View Full Version : Stopped sprint won't fire

29 Apr 03, 15:08
It appears that units with "sprint" set on won't fire even if they're stopped.

--- Kevin

Pat Proctor
29 Apr 03, 17:51
That is correct. Units in sprint move faster, but will not fire, do not see as far, and are more easily seen and fired upon.

29 Apr 03, 18:17
Well, yes, it is "technically" correct, but it doesn't pass the common sense test. A unit that is presently stopped is obviously not going to suffer the effects of sprinting. It is confusing to gamers when their clearly motionless units refuse to open fire. At least, it confused me for a while.

I'd suggest two possibilities:

1. Stopped units retain "sprint" status (as now) but don't suffer sprint effects until they start moving again

-- or --

2. Units lose their "sprint" status as soon as they stop and must be set to sprint again later if so desired.